Friday, August 24, 2012

In The Studio

This week has been incredibly busy, and incredibly productive :) I find I am so much more satisfied with my life when I am on constant deadlines.

We're going into my final week of Summer Quarter here at SCAD, and I also have the awesome opportunity to show alongside my very talented friend and colleague Diego Penuela at RAWAtlanta's "Radiate" show this Thursday night! If you are local to Atlanta, give me your name and I will get you on the guest list ;) I will be there looking snazzy, ready to greet you with a cocktail!

I've also been blessed with a new freelance opportunity that I find I am enjoying so much! It's more on the technical side of illustration, but I am having so much fun, and learning a LOT.

1 // A sneak peek at one of my final pieces for my Publications class -- more to come!
2 // Technical illustration for my client -- breaking out the trusty coloured pencils!
3 // Shimmery ivory roses for several bridal orders that went out this week.
4 // Some fun with perspective for a client, and a super sweet lady with a little dog named Bandit.

(for more, follow me on Instagram at Mirilittlebird -- I follow back!)

And a great quote that I found recently and have been thinking quite a lot about: 

"Worry, regret, and anxiety are all mental illusions that distract you from this truth: 
You're okay right now."


  1. Great updates! It looks like you are working on a lovely landscaping design.

    I am busy finishing the interior of the house and then I have to start designing the backyard.

    I got a kitchen design blog update as well.Please let me know what you think about it.

    Thank you,

    Ali =)

  2. I know how you feel, being more productive and happy with a constant deadline. I'm the same way. It feels wrong when I'm not working toward something. Your drawing is wonderful - I can hardly draw a smiley face! LOL

  3. reading all about these updates of your life makes me smile and inspired, erin. so glad to know that you truly enjoy what it is that you are doing. <3 :-)

  4. That quote is too true! And love the sneak peaks of your current projects, especially the perspective drawing!


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