Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paintings & Mustaches; Sketches & Coffee

Just some things I've been working on... 

1 // Watercolour, pigment pen, and special gold paint turn my little illustrated monograms into illuminated manuscripts.
2 // Having fun just doodling, something I usually don't get to do a lot of!
3 // A close-up of my bulletin board, full of postcards from my time living in Italy, good quotes, knick-knacks, and cheeky sentimental things.
4 // Morning sketchbook session and coffee; in my opinion the best way to start the day.
5 // Couldn't sleep one night, so I did a value-study painting from a photograph; took about 2 hours and the soundtrack from Black Swan blasting in my headphones.
6 // A close-up of one of my favourite illuminated monograms; the design is inspired by gold crown molding in Versailles.
7 // Little leather bracelets I'm working on.
8 // My sidekick and I stayed up one night trying our hands at linocuts and decided that mustaches were hands-down the best idea to start up our carving experience.

* And a little graphic I made with an instagram photo 
& one of my favourite quotes.

The anonymous quote I actually found in a fashion archive catalog, while I was doing research for my fashion illustration class. I accidentally copied more page in the book than I intended to, and when I got home and was putting together my moodboard, I realized I copied the text (the whole thing is pictured in #3 above); I felt like it was intended for me.

* What are you working on?
I am an avid "collector" of quotes - I scrawl them everywhere - in my sketchbook, on my planner; do you do this? Or do you have any words you live by?


  1. Love the gold monograms! And I can't believe that sketch only took two!

  2. All of your projects are so fun to look at. Maybe you've already mentioned this and I missed it, but what do you hope to do when you're out of school? I feel like you must have a lot of options!

    Today I'm working on assorted photography and blog-related projects, maybe adding some listings to one of the shops. Oh, and I should probably load the dishwasher.

  3. All the projects that you're working on look so great! I am so not the artist, but hubby and all my kids have some artistic talent with drawing (and I have trouble with stick people!).
    I also absolutely love quotes and words! Usually on Wednesdays I do blog posts dedicated to quotes. =) I love the graphic you made. Beautiful!
    from Blogging Buddies

  4. love your photos! i love doodling, too! i think it's a lot of fun! and #5 is so beautiful!!! good job, erin!

    and that photo of the sky is breathtaking!

    wishing you a great weekend, erin! <3 :-)

  5. Equally love looking at your work behind the scenes!
    #5 is wow. Seriously.

  6. Love the illuminated manuscripts! I swoon over those...
    I've been finishing up some watercolors over sketches I made in Italy. I really miss sketching tho, I may have to incorporate the daily sketch/coffee into my morning routine!


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