Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update & Food for Thought.

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Apologies for not being around much... I've been ill, and busy with work (trying to make money for schoooool!), and we're currently being flooded in where I live. But just some small thoughts for you all :)

I'm currently working on putting together some pieces for a gallery show in October, and have gotten some life drawing sessions in, and will have the new Fall Line up shortly! Hope everyone is well and safe tonight!


  1. invite when it happens! I am in CA

  2. life is busy. we've missed your charm, but so glad to hear that you have some new art coming. <3

  3. I hope you aren't flooded in your home.


  4. I hope you get better soon.
    Good luck on your show!!

  5. Whenever I see something about "little birds saying...", my mind immediately launches into

    Don't Worry
    About a Thing

    'Cause Every Little Thing
    Gonna be alright!

    Listen to Mr. Marley--he's got it right ~_^

  6. Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water! Hope you feel better soon! <3

  7. Lula - Thanks! The show will be in Detroit, actually!

    Rachel - thanks so much! I miss my blog and all you guys when I get super busy... I'm so over my 9-5!

    Christie - Luckily, my home wasn't flooded, just the roads in and out... so I had a bit of a time getting to work!

    Hee103 - thank you so much!

    Matt - Hahah, true that. Thanks man! :)

    Shaluah - Thank you! I have been feeling much better :)


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