Friday, September 16, 2011

Autumn C o l l e c t i o n

Over the past several weeks, I have been gearing up for fall. Today is one of the first days we've had "fall weather" - the air is chilly, I'm wearing my scarf, and I can feel my addiction to knit sweaters and apple cider start to take hold (seriously, how good is apple cider? So good!)

As I mentioned before, I am gearing up for a show in October (and working on some stuff that's kind of outside my comfort zone, but the haunting, dark soundtrack to Inception is keeping me in the right mood); I've also had some time here and there to put together my Autumn Collection.

Awhile back I was delighted to find my stash of vintage and antique buttons, and have been combining them with shades of rich gold, subtle lavender, royal purple, and pumpkin spice orange to create my line. I love these colour combinations, and they're perfect for pairing with leggings, sweaters, and scarves!

Please feel free to have a look in my Etsy Shop to view the whole collection and all new pieces! 

This weekend I'll be working on my show pieces, and will have some work-in-progress shots to show you! I'm excited to do something a little darker, and a little more introspective; and I'm even more excited to share it with you ~

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  1. What a lovely shop you have! I am your newest follower stopping by from the blogging buddies etsy team :)

  2. New follower from Blogging Buddies team! Can't wait to see your new show pieces. =) The ones shown in this post are lovely. I really like autumn colors.

  3. great post and great site!

    I'm your new follower!
    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies (here's my blog:

  4. Oh. my. gawd. miri. I want to buy them aaaaaaalllll! T_T
    I seriously love each piece of your fall collection. They're wonderful!!! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see some of your WIPs.

  5. I love the new autumn colours! Gorgeous!

  6. Lazy Mondays - thank you so much! I checked out your blog - I'm one of your newest followers !

    Kim - Thank you very much. I love these colours for fall too! :) Following you back!

    Prodigy - Thank you! Following you back!

    Shaluah - Hey girl! Thanks so much :) :) :)

    Sabrina - Thanks so much, I had so much fun making these :)


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