Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AX Plight / Commission Lineart

Once again I am staying up too late. Doh! I always do this.

I'm adjusting to life back on the East Coast. Missing a certain someone, but that is to be expected. This weekend I will have the pleasure of seeing my college roommate Amber, and I am So. Excited. 8DDD

I can't believe AX is in less than 2 weeks (holy shit!!!!), and I am heading back down to MD tomorrow to finish up all of my merch stuff, prep, and make some secret special goodies !

On that artful note, here is a recently finished commission. I'll be taking some more of these very soon - I need money!!! This con has drained my bank account and I am kind of pissed that I'm not even going to break even because I am no longer living in LA. Boo. Journal up on my DA. Hopefully there is someone who might be willing to help me out with accommodations.

Anyways, commission:

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