Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's to the Next Step.

First, let's start off with some art.

Some of you have seen this on my Facebook/DA, but I really enjoy this doodle. Started off as a scribble that was only frustrating me, but it ended up being a really enjoyable exercise.

On the job front, my interview with the Peoples Shoe ( went really well, and I got the internship :) The internship is really cool, actually. They really liked my shoe designs, and now is the perfect time to intern because they're coming out with their new line of shoes, and they're starting their first Look-Book. SO they said that they'd let me design an exclusive piece for the line and to put in the LookBook. And they saw my website and really liked my illustration and wanted to add some background illustrative elements to the LookBook as well. It's only 1-2 days a week, but that gives me the flexibility to either get another internship with the same amount of hours, or look for a mostly full-time job.

Tuesday I had my first interview with Ximena Valero ( She's shown at New York Fashion Week twice, as well a bunch of major shows around the globe, and on Tuesday I got to meet her in her studio. While I've been out here, I've been designing my portfolio for her, and she said she loved my designs (and especially my shoes - she said she'd buy them!) and she said that I was "a true artist". It was awesome to hear that kind of feedback from someone I really admire. :) :) Earlier this evening I had my second interview with her and her business partner and fiance, Jaime. I learned a bit more about the internship, and it's definitely hands-on and a really great learning experience. I'd be learning a lot of the business side of producing a line, running errands, going to photoshoots and fashion shows, and whatnot. I would absolutely love to work for her. From the feedback I got, I can only assume that I have a good chance at getting the internship. Then I will move back out to LA and go for a trial-run of 2 weeks. Then comes the 3 month internship deal. So we will see. I find out by Wednesday of next week. Wish me luck :)

My portfolio for Ximena :)

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