Friday, June 12, 2009

Lunchtime Fables and New Shoes

I have a funny relationship with pickles. I don't like them, but whenever I am offered a pickle or it comes with my lunch, I accept it. It always looks really good, so I will always take a bite, hoping to enjoy it. As soon as I taste it, I remember why I don't like pickles - they're not good.

Ironically, I find that this analogy applies to the men in my life. Without going down the wrong street here, I want to suggest that a lot of the guys I meet are often like this: they look good, but as soon as I "try them out", I remember why I don't like them - they're not good.

Here's the catch: I keep going back, even when I already know that I've tried it before and I don't like it. Why?

But then, when I feel like I'm going it alone, I seem to see the sky in your eyes.

[New and a bit alarming
Who'd have ever thought that this could be?]

Oh God I'm emo --- NEW SHOES [!]

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