Monday, June 8, 2009

I just know there's something bigger out there

Hey guys

Recently, some exciting stuff has been happening! A pair of my shoes went to France! And I recently returned from Disney World, where I connected with an artist showing his work in Downtown Disney; he really liked my work (I showed him my sketch journal, completely red-faced) and grabbed an artist submission form for me, so I will possibly (and hopefully!) be showing/selling my work down there soon. It was so reassuring to have such positive feedback from someone who makes a living in the field. I feel like I have had such affirmation lately :) I will also be starting my FIRST pair of mens shoes. Not sure how I feel about them, but I guess I won't love it 'til I try it.

After being in Disney, I REALLY want to do a quick painting of Ariel or some other Disney Princess. Maybe Pocahontas - she's my favourite, since I'm Native American.

I have been rehearsing for The Wiz with my roommate; I learned our tap-dancing number tonight! It will take a lot of practice! I have never tapped a step in my entire life, hahaha... we'll have to see how this goes...

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