Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I just want to make beautiful things in this world and to be understood as someone with a beautiful mind and talented hands.

I think of you from time to time and wonder how you are.

I am so disappointed after this weekend.

I cannot wait to go home for Christmas and have some relaxation.

Sometimes I feel like everyone else is writing poems while I'm scribbling a grocery list.



  1. maybe it's noteworthy that your grocery list might be far more artistic and creative and beautiful. Maybe it's a poem in itself.

  2. why were you dissapointed after the weekend?? :( we need a coffee date before i leave for home this weekend.

  3. Phil - thanks :)

    Kori - yes PLEASE. And I was disappointed in the behaviour of two of my friends... one made a REALLY bad choice, and the other supported him. I never would have thought... I can explain more in detail later... I'll IM you.


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