Saturday, December 20, 2008

I bought kickin' gold heels tonight <3

One of my favourite things to do is to go sit at Borders with a happy little cup of coffee or tea and look at art magazines/books and draw in my sketchbook. I have admittedly never been very good with keeping up a sketch journal, though I have lately found it extremely helpful and revitalizing, as well as incredibly relaxing and rewarding; it's wonderful to have a space where I can mess around and make mistakes and not care where my line goes or why. I have been doing a lot of art lately. My heart feels alive when I create beauty...

Lately I've been experimenting a little; I usually idealize the human form, but I would like to start exploring the figure in its complexities. Tonight I was at Borders and found a book of the best photographs of National Geographic and found a lot of inspiration there. I am tired of drawing the same beautiful woman over and over again: I want variety. I want to find the beauty in "ugliness".

"The Dream"


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