Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walk Me Down Your Broken Line

Late night, listing.

1. You give and You take away... and You've always taught me to understand that.
2. I miss Italy so much...
3. I have been craving sushi but no one else likes it.
4. I am so glad I have tomorrow off!
5. I want to watch the first Harry Potter... I've been wanting to all week.
6. TGIF and the girls and I are going out <3
7. I hope my letter comes soon.
8. Why did I have to find those postcards?
9. I still miss Italy. I wish it was May so I could go there. Everything there has such a personal history to it - such a breath of wisdom and age to it. Everything is deep in Italy.
10. I want to be productive tomorrow and that means going to bed...


Pray for me?

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