Monday, May 21, 2012

Finals Week

Yes, finals week: my brain goes womp wommmmpppp.

Just wanted to give a little update on how things are going, since these last two weeks are finals for me, and I'll be pretty busy. And what better way than to Instagram?!

To start, I had an interview this past Friday
for a Fashion Illustrator Position here in Atlanta -- it went extremely well, and I will be going back for a second interview! Hooray!

Here's What I Wore:
- Black [Absolute Favourite] Skirt -- Target.
- Pale Rose Sequined-All-Over Amazing Shirt -- $4, Thrifted. Yep.
- Classic Black Pumps -- Unknown, but probably Target.

Now I know finals is technically only supposed to be one week, but my alter-ego Hermoine Granger says screw that and works ahead.

So finals week is two weeks for me! I am currently trying to bust out some of my Nerdy Fashion Girls: a cross between the luxury and swag of Louis Vuitton and the adorable geekiness of the intellectually badass (but tragically awkward). As you know, I create most of my work with coffee-in-hand: here are my models!

And last but not least,
even in the middle of the craziness, we all need to take a second to stop and smell the roses and be thankful for the opportunities we are given (and make happen!).

Thanks so much for reading!
It's starting to get even warmer down here in Atlanta (which means thunderstorms, yay!), and I hope everyone is able to go out and enjoy the weather :)


  1. What a fabulous interview outfit! I hope you get the job. And good luck with your finals!

  2. good luck and how beginnings :)

  3. Wow, what a skirt and top combo! I sure do miss Targets and Atlanta thunderstorms, even the storms up here are docile, but I must admit I do love it when one passes through.

    It's been a few months since I've stopped by your blog, but things are looking good around here. I love your nerdy models. They look awesome.


  4. Love your interview outfit! Is it a high-low skirt (short in front and longer in back)? So pretty!


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