Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moodboards, Debutantes, & Fashion Class

I think my Fashion Class this quarter is in danger of quickly overtaking my schedule as my favourite.

For one, my professor has an English accent. So it doesn't matter what comes out of his mouth - it sounds gorgeous - he could read the phone book all day and I wouldn't get bored. Second, he started the class by giving us our "porn names" which was hilarious: you take the name of the first pet you had, and the street you lived on as a kid, and that's your porn name. So mine is Daisy Register; my professor conceded that it made me sound more like a debutante than a porn star; I was okay with this.

Our first assignment is create a collection of fashion designs/illustrations based on a literary quote which we selected at random. I sat there on my little stool, the only non-fashion major in my class, itching to find out which quote I was going to get...

...mine is about bowler hats. Bowler hats. Yep. 
(Although other people got corduroys and grandpa shirts, so, okay...)

For class tomorrow, our homework was to go out and get inspiring images, do research, and - as my professor says - "have a play" with some fabrics that inspire us.

Here's the result of my playing (read: my worktable exploded):
my literary quote also touched on the lines of the female identity, and I just so happened to write a paper on feminism last quarter. I'm excited to start sketching tomorrow morning after my workout and before class. I'm aiming my collection towards joining hard and soft, masculine and feminine, structured and flowing. You get the idea.
I'm going to try to start wearing red lipstick.
We'll see if I'm brave enough, but I think it looks boss.


  1. Lipstick suggestion:

    I'm in LOVE with this sheer lip color. I have it in Manhunt. Head to a department store and try it out. The texture/formula is awesome.

    1. I mean, I'm not gonna lie... that looks amazing. And I want a lipstick named Manhunt. That's just fierce. Deeeeeeefinitely considering a purchase here... but 3am is never a good time to just go for it lol

  2. YES! Go for the red! I just bought "Candy Apple" in the Revlon Lip Butters (reluctantly, I might add.) And fell in love with it! I was going for a 1950s look so I had to go with the red lips. Keep us updated! Pics? ;)

    Also, that class & prof sound like loads of fun! I love looks that mix masculine & feminine touches.


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