Monday, March 26, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

Here are the pieces from my final project for Concepts Class at SCAD; 
A darker interpretation of the classic story:

the Cheshire Cat grows to a monstrous size, (larger version)

the Mad Hatter's neurological disease manifests itself as leprosy, (larger version)
the Queen of Hearts skins off and wears the faces of her beheaded victims, (larger version)
and Alice sees ghosts in her opium-induced hallucinations. (larger version)
Spring Quarter started today, and I'm ready to get into the thick of things and keep my mind busy. Spring Break wasn't what I thought it would be, but that's life, right?

You know what strangely helps when dealing with loss? Coldplay's Lost.
My sister had a jam version, which she shared with me. I really liked the acoustic version, but this is pretty slick.

Here's to making art that heals hearts.
It's really the only way I know how.


  1. Absolutely stunning! Awesome art. I really like that last one...And, yes, here's to art that heals hearts. I'm no artist like you, though! =)
    Visiting from Blogging Buddies.

    1. Thanks so much :) I'm glad you like them!

  2. These are incredible! The expression on Alice's face is just perfect. Are you going to sell these in any form? Because I know some people who would like to have a few.

    1. Paige, thank you so much :) Alice's face took me about 7 tries to get right, lol!

      I actually just found out I got a table at a convention this summer, so I'll be selling prints there, but I've also considered opening up a shop for prints on Etsy... if you know someone, they can always email me directly at to purchase them as well ;)

      Thank you <3

  3. These are so amazing! Let me know if I can share a few with my blog readers :)

    1. Jesse, absolutely! I would be honoured if you'd want to share them :) Would you mind just making sure they link back to my blog? ;)

  4. These are awesome. My favorite is the last one too.

    Stopping by rom Blogging Buddies

  5. You need to work on your blending though. Too much feathering. Looks like the brushes you use are too small for your work. It's really obvious in the arms and dress. Good luck


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