Monday, October 10, 2011

5 Weird Things About Me

aka, 5 things that make me a unique & exciting individual (maybe)
1. When I get sad, I listen to classical music* really loud in my headphones and imagine myself flying past everything through the clouds. Sometimes this is accompanied by ballet dancing in my room.
( * The reeeeeealllllllly good part starts around 3:30 )

2. I'm trying to grow out my fingernails (been a nail-biter for 25 years!). I'm doing well except for my middle finger on my right hand - that sucker's the only one I continue to gnaw. I really just want to paint them pink.

3. Even small things during my day I plan out to maximize efficiency. I'll go down and turn the coffeemaker on, grab my bagel out of the freezer and set it on top to defrost while the coffee brews (one of my more genius ideas), and then go upstairs to brush my teeth, so when that's done so is my coffee (brilliance, I know... or OCD???).

4. To show affection, I make things for people. I love art and I love you, so naturally these things end up going hand in hand. Likewise, thoughtful gifts and gestures are always the best in my book, I could give a shit about the money or the label.

5. I have never dyed/permed/highlighted my hair because whenever I went to the salon, the hair washer ladies would always remark at how nice my hair colour/texture/shine is. And whenever anything goes wrong, my sister (who looks like my twin) reminds me, "Well, at least we have good hair." And it makes it a little better, truthfully.

What are your 5 weird things?
Tell me, this is a fun game!

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  1. LOL Interesting "weird" things!

    Stopping past from Blogging Buddies


  2. Hi :)
    I've been a nail-biter for many years too... and I had your same problem when I've tried to make them grow but with my right thumb and my left index finger :)
    I'm sure you're doing well if you are into a natural hair look. Hair dyes are the worst thing ever, expecially if you have nice hair by your own. I did the mistake to dye them and I still do that since years and now it's hard to turn back... by the way, very nice post! ^-^

  3. Try painting your nails pink and then you can have motivation not to gnaw! I am a habitual cuticle picker and painting always helps.
    I love classical music as well, I totally can suggest awesome Pandora stations or soundtracks if you need ;)

  4. Oh those little birdies are so wonderful! all my favorite colours!

  5. Christie - hahaha, thank you ;)

    Chiara - Hey there! Thanks for stopping by :) Letting your nails grow is so hard! I have to use a lot of strengthening polish and keep a file on me. And yea... no hair dye for me! All my friends went through that craze in highschool... and some made some pretty bad choices. So I'm glad I never did that, haha!

    Kaysie - Good idea! I wanted to wait til they were all long and pretty, but I think your idea will work better :) I'm all ears for classical music suggestions! Thanks!

    Pippa - I love your name, first of all :) Thanks for commenting! And yea, that birdie illustration is one of my favs - I wish I drew it, haha


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