Sunday, January 9, 2011

Year 2011...
and the Pursuit of Radness

Too cool and too true to let this funny exclamation from Marc Johns pass me by without adding my own little, "Hell yea!" to the pile. This is the year of finally moving on, finally moving in the right direction, and finally moving forward.

I think my resolutions are to just take more initiative and stop spending so much time planning, but spend more time doing.

Of course tonight I was being a super good girl and was trying to put my new years resolution of "JUST DO!" to the pavement: got all of my refs and descs all opened up in nice little tabs, opened up Painter, and................... unresponsive tablet. Of course. Gonna run a few tests on it tomorrow, hopefully I'll bring it back to life. It can't die on me now, when I have only a month/month and a half to finish my grad school portfolio!

So I decided to Hulu the past episode of Grey's Anatomy. I mean, when all else fails, watch Grey's Anatomy. In this episode, there was a mass shooting at an area college, with 26 victims and everyone lived! The doctors saved them all! If that doesn't inspire my tablet to resurrect itself, I may have to resort to Plan B, (which I have used several times on finicky machinery): sing it the Indiana Jones theme song.

If that doesn't inspire greatness, I don't know what will.

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