Thursday, October 21, 2010

We are who we are.

Anyone who knows me knows that I've been sort of in a slump lately. I'm usually a very motivated, go-get-it person. Lately I've been tired, uninterested. I haven't been me.

I forgot how beautiful the world is, how many good things we have in this life. How beautiful, unique, and different people are. And why things are right that way. It took awhile to sink in, but this past weekend I finally felt like I could let loose and have fun. I'm tired of being serious; I was made to appreciate all the joy in life. Sometimes you just need awesome people to rub off on you and smack some sense into you, even if it means dancing like an idiot under strobe lights in a crowd of drunk people. I forgot how it was to feel this way.

My greatest fear is to have a life of complacency. And above all else, I want someone to laugh with, someone who doesn't take life too seriously. After all, you'll never make it out alive ;)

Never thought a Kesha song would inspire a blog post. Lol.

And just for giggles, my jewelry met former President Bush!
Many thanks to my lovely friend, who was kind enough to share this with me! And to share my jewelry with Mister George!

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