Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Motivation Ever

I am in a terrible art slump; I feel like I can't paint. Like my knowledge has evaporated. It sucks.

So, trying to motivate myself, I was browsing through the CA forums, and came across someone in a similar situation, in which I read this brilliant response, and knew I needed to keep it, share it:

From Joe Smith:

"Oh, enough with this patheticness!

every thread on here is turning into "i'm a sad emo who can't work up the energy to lift a pencil", where is this generation of weak artists comming from? is DeviantArt telling kids to eat paint chips or something, why is everyone so tired and burnt out? you kids are doing one drawing a week and feel depleted artistically, what the fuck?

eff' that noise! rip off your shirt, stand on your chair, pump your arm into the air. whip back your hair and hold your pencil aloft. the clouds will part and a beam of light will engulf you. golden big-tittied angels will dance around, as super badass looking aura flames shoot from your body. your pencil will start glowing and sizzling with power. AND DRAW MOTHERFUCKER!

you need to be 100% intense all of the time.

draw as though you have to deliver an ass-kicking ninja-style at any minute with your art skill. eat more beef jerky and use a rattle-snake as a condom.


After dinner I need to do this


  1. L.O.L.

    I need to save that away... Cause that made my day.

  2. Devon,

    I know, right? I like, CRACKED up. It was just what I needed to hear to get off my lazy ass lololol


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