Friday, August 6, 2010

Need New Business Cards? Check out MOO

Have you ever tried MOO.COM?

It's a fun and easy website that helps you with all kinds of essentials for growing your business. They have cool stuff like stickers, postcards, and mini-cards, but by far their best deal is their regular Business Cards.

Basically, how it works is Moo provides you with a blank standard card template. From there, you can select pre-designed cards and add your information, or if you're like me and have a TON of images (and not really just one that represents your body of work), you can upload up to 50 different images for your set! It's like having a mini-portfolio! And I can't tell you how many Ooo's & Aah's I've gotten when I whip those babies out and go, "Okay, pick your favourite!". You can even select between traditional laminated cardstock, or go green with recycled (yet still high-quality) paper! All your info is on the back, and that is completely customizable too!

In terms of price, Moo is pretty middle-of-the-road. You may be paying a little more (pack of 50 for around $27), but you're getting quality quality quality. Sign up for their email-list and you get discounts really often! And each pack comes with a coupon discount code for next time. Shipping is also really fast! I got my new cards yesterday, 3 days earlier than expected! :)

Like I said, mine just arrived yesterday and I am always so impressed with the quality and service, that I thought I would share with your guys my awesome experience.

Check out my awesome new cards!!!


  1. My roommate from SCAD ordered from Moo and her cards were AWESOME. I almost ordered from them, but I was thinking more price-friendly versus quantity, so I ordered through somewhere else. BUT, I will say that I really love their stuff and I will be ordering from them when I run out of current business cards. :]

  2. Devon - awesome! Yea, they're totally cool cards. They can get pricey for bigger packs, but thankfully my wallet can sustain 50 cards at $27. :)


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