Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life is Better with Better Toes

Hey lovely muffins ~

What a lovely day I had yesterday! After a long and arduous week, one of my favourite girls in LA, Teresa (aka StolenTowerDesigns) and I went out for pedicures next to our favourite hair salon. It was amazing and so relaxing! AND the best part?! $23. Yes you heard me. $23 for the whole shebang, including adorable design.

Take a look at my brand new toes!
"Life is Better with Better Toes" - our tagline of the day

This is a pretty big deal for me... I NEVER wear pink. Only recently have I been embracing it as a colour of my life lololol. Afterwards we filled out the day with delicious CoffeeBean coffee, shopping, trying on "attitude" glasses, and buying new shoes * U * What girl doesn't love pedicures, coffee, and new shoes? I got two new headbands which I am dying to wear to work! Later on, we stopped at Chipotle for cheap margaritas and amazing burritos, and then walked down the street for red wine and martinis. Such a perfect, relaxing end to the week :)

* Stay tuned for yesterday's outfit in "What I Wore", and the completion of the WIP of "Lady Snow" in last my post.

I'm also working up some acrylic flower charms that will be featured as bracelets and cell phone charms at AX2010. In addition, new stickers and fun goodies!

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