Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Miss How You Lie With Me

You own everything about it; not me, not me.

The ships have come to take me home, home.
How I long for home, home.
How I miss how you lay beside me.
What I would give to come home again.

On a completely separate note, I figured out why I like Panera cappuccinos best: they taste like Italy. I miss Italy... If I went there, maybe I could forget this life and maybe my heart would be full of happy curiosity again.

...what can I say about this? I'm not sure about anything... except that I'm scared. I'm not ready to dive into a relationship... how ironic. I am afraid of commitment... I'm not ready for serious. I just wanted to have fun. Why is this getting ahead of me? I'm not over it... I'm not ready to "be" with someone else...

Latest sketch for a painting I'm thinking of:

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