Monday, February 11, 2013

Wine. And Art. And more Wine.

Hey ya'll! It's been about a month since my last update - my apologies! Life has certainly picked up for me. My freelance projects are taking off, and I've been working really hard on my projects for school. My inner Hermione Granger is having a jam session ;)

Since I'm sure you'd rather look at pretty pictures than read my ramble, here is a selection of some of my daily art posts from my Instagram (Mirilittlebird). Once I am able to speak about my freelance projects, I'll be sure to post them up!

Thank you so much for reading (or looking!)


  1. wow, you've improved a lot since last time i saw your drawings! please start posting more on a blog (i don't have instagram, boo!), even as a bi weekly feature! also good luck with your freelance work and uni life :)!!
    take care!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!!
    It looks like you are really taking off! Congrats! :)
    I've missed coming here, but I'm going to follow your instagram! :)


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