Friday, December 9, 2011

Aqua & Red Christmas

This Etsy Treasury was too gorgeous not to post about...
and it's my favourite colour scheme like, ever. At least one room in every apartment I've lived in has been themed aqua and coral red. The lovely Briana from MementoDesigns was kind enough to feature my Personalized SnowLady Ornament!

I've been doing all of my holiday shopping on Etsy and at some small local businesses - it's been wonderful. Honestly. No going to the mall, no dealing with pushy people, no feeling like I "bought something just to buy something". I really don't like giving gifts like that. I'm also trying to make a bunch of my gifts this year. Here's some lovely holiday Aqua + Red Inspiration to ease your [potential] holiday headache :)

I've almost got all of my Christmas Shopping done! How is yours coming?


  1. Nice treasury! Teal is my favorite color.

  2. I love turquoise and red combined. It just calls to me!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Being doing most of my shopping on Etsy too! It is so nice not to have to go fight the traffic and crowds. Plus I can shop for my husband while he's in the room.

  4. Tiffany - mine too! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Christie - Hey girl! I feel the same way - anytime I see those colours, it's like a tractor-beam lol

    Meghan - I totally agree. I've vowed not to go to the mall at all this year. And lol! Nice! What are you getting him? Men are always so hard to shop for.

  5. Thank you so much for blogging about my Treasury list! This is a first for me and so exciting. To be honest, your shop was one of my favorites, and I had such a difficult time picking which piece I wanted to showcase. All of it was just so lovely!

  6. Briana - of course!!! The treasury was just gorgeous and I couldn't resist ;) Thanks for the kind words about my shop! I'm glad I made it so difficult hehehe ;)

  7. Aqua and coral is my absolute favorite color combination after yellow and grey :). This is gorgeous!



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