Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The only thing I will say about it.

"He didn't even say goodbye, he didn't take the time to lie. Bang bang, he shot me down. Bang bang I hit the ground" ~

Bang bang.

Again, the greatest thing my mother ever taught me holds true for yet another day. Nothing left to do but shake my head, laugh at the irony, and move on.

* designs / photography (c) Erin McManness / Miri-love 2010

On another note, I have been thoroughly busy with custom jewelry and shop orders! It's been great :) Above is a detail shot from a Christmas gift I designed for a client. It's the best feeling when a customer is just thrilled with what you've made for them. I was given so much artistic freedom with this, which was amazing :) Nothing but good things to say! I can show more once the holidays are over, as some works are a surprise and I don't want to ruin it ;)

I am working on trend forecasts for early Spring2011. Sketches and some fashion-y collages are sure to be posted right after the holidays. Get ready amigos ~

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