Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"But I Didn't Have Time"

I've been thinking lately. I was randomly hopping around Twitter, and reading through this one lady's tweets that were very interesting... she said, "I could have been even better if I had gotten a trainer, but I never had the time."

Reading through this with fresh eyes, I thought, "Well, if you wanted to be better, why didn't you make the time for it?!" And then I realized:

How many times in my life have I made this excuse? "Well, I could have been even better if I had _______, but I didn't have time." Or, "I could've made/done this, but I didn't have time"... etc.

My mother always used to (and usually still does!) say, "Well, you need to MAKE time, then." And I always had a problem when she said that. I mean, how does one simply create additional time that isn't there to begin with? I've always been a person that wonders where the hours go and wishes for about 5 extra hours per day (it hasn't happened yet, but I keep asking). I never seem to quite get everything "done"; I have so many creative ideas running around in my head, but so many of them never see fruition due to this mysterious "lack of time".

But is it really just a lack of focus and motivation? I claim that these things are important to me. I believe that my future is what I make of it and the hard work that I do today will create the tomorrow I want to experience. But why do I constantly let things slip to the side that would better my happiness, better my career, better my life? Am I complacent, sinking into my couch, aimlessly wandering Facebook/etc, telling myself, "Oh no no, I just simply didn't have time."?

Life is a gift. Precious and fleeting. We should make the most of every day, because tomorrow holds no guarantees. I want to re-evaluate the way I spend my time, so that I won't look back one day and say, "Oh, I could have been all I wanted to be and more, but I didn't have time."

...what else is there time for, but to become who we truly want to be?

"Indifference" - Piece I painted to rid myself of artblock.
Glad I sat down and "made time" for this piece!
Art (c) Erin McManness 2010


  1. Great motivation Erin - thanks for this post!!

  2. i agree and struggle with those things too erin, thanks for this post.


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